Just another Xmas greeting card 4

Just posted another gif greeting card. Check out how to decorate it using GIF Studio. Visit: How can GIF Studio help you in ecard creation 🙂

Cropped animation in Portrait - GIF Studio

E greeting card for Christmas - Gifstudio

An animated gif greeting card for Christmas 1

An animated gif greeting card for Christmas is here. I designed an animated gif based on the idea in the web page Christmas Greetings Cards. Using GIF Studio, I added different styled texts on it as shown below. You can download the template, try your own design, control the timing of the text […]

Chinese animated GIF Greeting card 2015

A beautiful animated GIF Chinese greeting card of 2015 1

This greeting card is designed using GIF Studio’s adding text function. Click to show animation. For more greeting cards bookmark: cognitivedroid.com Download GIF Studio: The Greeting Card template: A new year Chinese greeting card 2015 template  

GIF Studio is on Google Play

I just completed some basic functions and published GIF Studio on Google Play. There are a lot to learn and many more new features worth waiting for! I always say that someday I will create something useful, and that day is today. Starting small and simple, let us explore the future and the unknown!

A tool to create, play and edit animated GIFs using Android phones.