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GIF Studio offers two best ways to reduce the size of GIFs without/with little degrading of image qualities. 1. Reducing the GIF image size, 2. Shorten the animation length. Please refer to page: How to crop a GIF animation – GIF Studio for more details.

Best ways to reduce the size of GIFs

Now, we have a lot of storage space on the phone or cloud to save photos, videos and GIF. Keeping the file compact seems unnecessary. However, if you are a fan and create a lot of GIFs, then you may encounter situations where you fail to share GIF on social networks. Yes, many social networks have file size and image size limits. Then, the methods introduced here can be helpful sto you !

Reducing the GIF image size

GIF Studio’s “Crop” feature cuts the animated GIF into smaller sizes while preserving the original color and image quality. Typically, the file size is proportional to its image size (width, and height). For example, GIF Studio creates the following GIFs that contain 4 photos, each image has a width of 1200 pixels, and height 800 pixels. The resulting file size is 3Mb.

Best ways to reduce the size of GIFs

An GIF animation with 1200×800 pixels, file size 3Mb.

With the “crop” function, you can easily cut the GIF into any smaller size. It also allows you to select the most interesting part from the image. By cutting the animation to 600 × 800 pixels, the file size is reduced to 1.2Mb. Also take notes that the lossless operation which does not degrading the image quality.

Reduced gif image size, from 1200×800 to 600×800 pixels, size 1.2MB

Shorten the animation length

By selecting a portion of the video from the GIF, you can further reduce the size of GIFs. The length of the animation is determined by the number of frames and the duration of each frame. The “crop” function trims the GIF length according to the frame index. This allows you to focus on the content of the video, rather than intuitive absolute timestamps .If you only remove frames from the end of the animation and keep the original start frame unchanged, the crop function preserves the original GIF quality. If the starting position is modified, the quality may be affected by the GIF compression method.

Reduced GIF with image size 600X800, half its original playing length, file size 500KB

GIF with smaller image size, shorter length, file size 500KB

This page shows two best ways to reduce the size of GIFs provided by GIF Studio. If you are looking for the best way to create, edit, and play animated GIF, keep tuned. Do remember to like us, invite friends and give us feedbacks on Google Play Store. Together, we make GIF Studio a better App!

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