GIF Studio Beta Version

We offer GIF Studio beta version testing here.

Our beta version may be unstable, but very powerful!

Beta users expect

  • Frequent version updating, either a bug fixing, a new feature or user interface improvement update. If you don’t mind to update the apk in every a few weeks, this is the version for you.
  • If you like new features in creating or editing GIF animations, try new function which may not even exist on the market, the beta version is the right choice.
  • Fast responses for the problems in using GIF Studio in both Product and Beta versions. You’re welcome to give us an email feedback:
  • Contribution of ideas. We take your suggestions or comments seriously. In fact, most of the new features under developing are driven by user requests. We also appreciate the help given in solving the app’s bug.
  • Do have a look at the User Privacy Policy in this link.  By downloading the GIF Studio Beta version, user agree the terms in the User Privacy Policy and the EULA of the app.

What we expect

  • Constructive feedback from users. Give us suggestion, problem description or even screen shot to help us to make GIF Studio a better application. We use these information solely for the development of GIF Studio only. We’ll not share it with any third parties.

GIF Studio Beta Version

Beta V2.0.0 features

  • New! Slideshow feature, make photo gif slides. maximum 5 photos allowed, 21 effects available. Add watermark(app logo) in the gif. Remove it through the in-app purchase, please request a promotion code for free upgrading. Recommended GIF image size setting   < 500 pixels. Mind the file size 🙂
    * Add sign in and In-app purchase for “Upgrade: Watermark and Ads free”.Refer to How to make photo GIF slideshow for more information

    demo GIF: GIF Studio Slideshow Demo

Beta V1.9.7  features

  • Add movie quality option, the “Filter” option,  in the “Save” dialog to improve the GIF image quality. Please refer to the page: how to improve GIF image qualities for more information.
  • Add Sign in and In-app purchase for “Ads Free” feature. This is only available on devices with Google Play App installed and have access to the Google Play Services. User needs to sign into his google account that made the purchase when use the feature (auto by default).
    NOTE: Since this is a beta version, there is no guarantee of any kind, implied or explicitly stated. Unless you really want to support our development, please don’t purchase the items by cash. As our beta users, you can get this feature free using promotion code. First, make sure you have Google Play App and GIF Studio V1.9.7 installed on your device. In the Navigation Drawer, left panel, press “Ads Free” -> Sign in ->Request a Promotion Code. This will send an email to our support team, and we’ll reply your email in one or two day.  Also, there are a limited number of promotion codes available, we may not reply for all emails.
    For regions without Google Play Services, we are working on the alternative features now. So keeping tuned.
  • Integrated help system inside the app. The help button on each page is linked to the related how to web pages on this site.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

GIF Studio Beta Apk is now available on Google PlayTM.

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