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BBM is on Android now. You can chat with friends and share photos, event animated gifs. This is a step by step guide to show you how to share animated gifs to BBM via GIF Studio. We assume BBM has been pre-installed on your device. Many users complaint that the gif become static after uploaded into BBM. This is due to the special image size requirement. GIF Studio allows user easily modify an existing gif, cropping or scale the image and share it to BBM.

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Step 1:

Install GIF Studio from Google Play store.  In the GIF Studio “Album Screen”, click on the animated gif to open the “Playing Screen”. Alternatively, user can use “My Folder” or “Gallery” Apps to locate the gif file and share via “GIF Studio”. This would automatically play the animation on the “Playing Screen” which is shown in Step 2.

GIF Studio - Select the animation to share to BBM

Step 2:

In the “Playing Screen”, You can access the tools provided:  view the animation. Click “Editor” to modify the gif’s speed, size, playing order or add text to it.

Now, click the “Crop” icon on the top right of the screen.

GIF Studio - Playing screen

Step 3:

This is the most important step to successfully share gif animations to bbm. In order to show the gif as an animation, the image size must be correct. There are two options : scale or crop the image. This screen shows how the cropping function works. To scale a gif, click “Edit” in previous screen (Playing screen).

Now, drag the handlers to reduce the size of the photo.

GIF Studio - Crop the gif before sharing

Step 4:

The trick is both the width and height of the image should be less than 100 pixels.

Click “Save” to store the image on the phone.

GIF Studio - Crop the gif to correct size

Step 5:

After the file was saved, the “Playing Screen” will pop up again. You can preview the animation before sharing it to bbm.

If the gif is OK, active option menu to select “More share”.

GIF Studio - Preview & share to BBM

Step 6:

Select share to BBM

GIF Studio - Select share to BBM

Step 7:

If BBM is installed on the device, the “BBM Share” window will pop up automatically.

Select your friend from the list.

GIF Studio - Select friends from list, BBM

Step 8:

Add comments for the image.

Click “Share” button to send it to the network.

GIF Studio - Sending gif to network, bbm

Step 9:

After shared the image to bbm, click it to view the animation in BBM.

GIF Studio - View animation in BBM

Important: both the width and height of the gif should be less than 100 pixels. You can modify it easily by GIF Studio 🙂

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