How to convert video to GIF animation


Using GIF Studio’s video to GIF feature, user can extract clips from video files and convert them to animated GIFs. This does not require any GIF or Video producing knowledge, intuitive and simple! The maximum length of the converted video is 8 seconds. The frame rate is set in the range of 1 to 10 fps.

View a converted GIF from movies:

the output file of video to GIF function

A generated animation

Video to GIF  demo

Video to GIF demo

video to GIF Screen cast

Start using the Video to GIF function

Video to GIFVideo to GIF

The above demo shows how to invoke the function using the “Share to” feature from “My Files”. User can also start it from the App’s Navigation Drawer. This will pop up the “App Chooser” to select a video file. GIF Studio will start to play the chosen video file. Then, user can mark the video clip using the tools described below.

Clip Selection

mark the starting point Press to mark the beginning of the converting video clip.
marked the stop point Current video playing position is marked as the end of the clip.
icon_acceptAccept the settings and start to convert the clip.
Set the sampling rate of the converted gif. A high FPS value generates a smooth animation.

Video Controls

The media controls are hidden by default. User can click on the screen to display the tool panel. They are common controls used by all video player.

pause button iconUse this button to pause the video
play button Icon Press to play the video
fast forward iconFast forward the video
fast rewind icon Fast rewind the video

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