How to collage GIFs on Android devices

Now, GIF collage on Android is an easy task! GIF Studio introduces its new GIF collage feature in v1.9.4. User can merge multiple gifs with different lengths and frame durations, overlaying GIFs one by one. The timing alignment tools covers most of the usage cases. Also, try to take advantage of the transparent color support on the App! It helps to create amazing effects when composing multiple GIFs. Before going into the details, click the In-App demo below.

GIF Studio gif over gif demo animation

Collage two animated gifs – GIF Studio In-App demo

View Collage GIFs demo

how to collage gifs screen cast demo animation

Click to play: How to collage GIFs screen cast

Start Collage GIFs function

GIF Studio icon, Collage GIFsGIFs collage icon

Users can start the “GIF Collage” function through the App’s Navigation Drawer, or from the Tool Panel of the “Playing Screen”. The In-App demo will show up if the user selected it from the drawer. Invoking the function from the “Playing Screen”, the current animation will be used as the background. Of course, user can easily swap the foreground and background GIFs later. All the tools are available at the bottom of the screen. If you are familiar with our “Sticker” function, you will find the tools very similar. Actually, some of them share the similar functionalities.

Animation Time line Alignment

align all animations, let them start together Press to align all animations, so they start together
Align all animations, to stop at the same time. Align all animations, so they stop at the same time.
GIF Studio icon, shrink longer animation, to make them equal in lengthShrink the longer animation, to make both equal in length
Expand the short animation, to make them equal in length Expand the shorter animation, to make them equal in length
Repeat short animation and expand its length, if necessary, to make them equal in length Repeat short GIF and expand its length, if necessary, to make them equal in length

GIF Selection

icon, change the foreground gif Press to change the foreground GIF
icon, choose the background gif Using this icon to choose the background animation
icon, swap the foreground and background gifs To swap the foreground and the background image

Foreground GIF Adjustment

icon, adjust the image aspect ratio and sizePress this icon to adjust the image aspect ratio and size at the same time.
icon, adjust the image size with locked aspect ratioUsed to adjust image size with locked the image aspect ratio.
Using the Seek Bar at the bottom to set the transparency of the foreground animation.

Save GIF

icon save current gif actionPress to save the current configuration and generate the gif file

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