How can GIF Studio help you in ecard creation


If you have been using GIF Studio for some time,  you’ll find that it’s expanding the toolbox. This article demonstrates how to use these tools to create animated greeting cards. Christmas is coming 🙂

I made the following Christmas greeting card using the app’s animation features.The card background is a starry night sky and the forest covered by snow fill in the front. My favorite is the rising star, which rise and shine as the rotation of the Earth. In the foreground,  I deliberately left a lot of white space that can be used to fill in holiday wishes.

An Christmas Greeting Card with Animation

A Christmas Greeting Card with Animation

GIF creation

It contains a total of 27 frames(pictures). I used gimp, a free photo editing tool to design the scenes. Do counter-clockwise rotation of each image creates the impression of the rotation of the Earth. the app can set the display time of the images sequence, which can easily control the rotation speed of the foreground. You can check How to create GIF by photos page for more details.

Clipped to the proper size

Although the original Christmas card is designed as a square, there is no need to keep the same shape. With the APK’s “Crop” function, splicing into portrait or landscape layout, and keep the animation.

Cropped animation in Portrait - GIF Studio

Cropped animation in Portrait – GIF Studio

Zoom the card to reduce file and image size

The APK’s animation editing functions can be used to reduce or enlarge the size of the animation. By reducing the dimensions of the image, the file size is reduced accordingly. This is very important to share animations on social networks. For many web sites, Apps have restricted file or image size. To show the upload GIF as an animation, sometimes, this is a must.

Add emoticons/still photos in the card

I really like add Sticker feature! It makes the picture or animation unique and innovative. The demo picture is shown below. It has a transparent background, so it does not obscured the scene behind. You can easily change the default still image or GIF, or swap the foreground and background to design a card with still background and animation.



Add texts over animation

Adding texts in a greeting card is one of the purpose to design a greeting card. GIF Studio lets you add texts with different sizes, colors, font families and styles. You can even set text display slot (in terms of frame sequence) as shown in the following animation.

An animated gif with styled text animation

An animated gif with styled text animation

Now, you have the tools to make an amazing Christmas greeting card. Do remember  to like us, invite friends and give feedbacks on Google Play Store. Together, we make GIF Studio a better app!

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