Making a greeting card in just a few steps

GIF Studio lets user add text on animated GIFs.  Now, You can design animated GIF greeting cards using your AndroidTM phone. You will be surprised that making a greeting card just in a few steps!

One of the exciting features of GIF Studio is to add text on existing animated GIFs. This is extremely handy when you want to design a personalized greeting card. You can personalize the card by showing your friend’s name on the animation. There are already countless GIF animations on the Web, most of them have free licenses for personal use. What you really need is a simple tool to add your best wishes on these animations, and turn them into unique Christmas greeting cards. This post has some useful information for you to start.

Step 1. Download or make the animated GIF

As a GIF maker, GIF Studio gives you two options to make an animated GIF. All of them does not require any GIF design knowledge:

  1. Select photos -> Adjust parameters(size&speed) -> Create GIF -> Share
  2. Video recording -> Adjust parameters -> Create GIF -> Share

You can refer to this page A GIF maker, GIF player and much more for more information.  If you want a short cut, just Google “animated GIF” on the web. There are a plenty of them over there, and some of them come with a free license for personal use. After you have the animated GIF at hand, you can add text over it and transform it into a unique greeting card.

Step 2. Choose a font to personalize your card

GIF Studio provides a simple way to add text over an animated GIFs. You can format the text by adjusting its color, size and style, and choose your favorite font. If the font is not available on your phone, you can copy the the font’s “.ttf” files into GIF Studio’s default font folder (“/Picture/GifStudio/ttf/”). They will be loaded into GIF Studio automatically when you view the GIF.You will love this function since it lets you design the greeting card with your style. There was already a plenty of fonts, freely available. You just need a few clicks to download and install them.

Step 3. Add Text to existing animated GIFs

Adding text over GIF is straight forward, GIF Studio implements WYSIWYG. We recommend the following steps:

  1. Select the font color. The text you entered is shown on the GIF to give you a feel of the design. Select the color first makes sure the color of the text is in harmony with the GIF background.
  2. Select the font family and style. Since different font family has different size, if you changed the font family or style afte positioning the text, the layout could be affected. Select the font family and style first will save your extra work.
  3. Positioning the text with “Space” and “Return” keys. This just likes what you do when laid out the text in another text editor.
A greeting card for Chinese style

New year greeting card Chinese version

Chinese animated GIF Greeting card 2015

Chinese animated GIF Greeting card 2015

Ready for action, GIF Studio Apk is now available on Google PlayTM.

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