How to make photo GIF slideshow

Want to know make photo GIF slideshow? GIF Studio provides an easy-to-use feature for slideshows. It contains many transition effects to render your photos. The user-friendly design automatically handles different photo sizes and aspect ratios. Options to adjust the transition speed between photos, the display time of each photo on the screen, and its size and aspect ratio.

The following animation shows two slide effects. GIF Studio offers 21 different slide effects. Click GIF Studio Slideshow demo to see all the slide effects. There will be more effects in future releases.

Making photo slide show gifs using GIF Studio

Making photo slide show gifs using GIF Studio


Transitions: Flip over from the left edge

Flip over from the left edge – Photo Slideshow-GIF Studio

Transitions: fade in and out

Fade in and out – Slideshow-GIF Studio

Make photo GIF Slideshow Demo

make photo GIF slideshow demo

How to make GIF photo slideshow- GIF Studio

Start Slideshow function

Users can start the slide show function through the app’s navigation drawer. The animation above demonstrates how a user can call the feature by sending photos from the “Gallery” app. Users simply click or slide the template at the bottom to select different transition effects. If you want more control over the animation that is generated, click the Configure button at the bottom left.


setting iconUsers can access options to adjust the speed of slide transitions between photos, the time of each photo displayed on the screen, and the slide size and aspect ratio. There are three predefined speed levels available.


help iconWhich is linked to this page

Save GIF

icon save current gif actionPress to save the current configuration and generate the gif file

The Tricks

GIF Studio uses a variety of algorithms to reduce the size of generated files. Depending on the animation configuration, the length of the file may become very large. Playing animations on your smartphone is not a problem. However, if you share it to social networks or other applications, this may exceed the maximum allowed file limit. Users should follow these recommendations to reduce the file size::

  • Reduce the image size of the generated GIF. For example, set the maximum size of the image to a value less than 500 pixels.
  • Reduce the number of photos in the slide
  • Use slideshow transition effects with size optimization. Check the links: GIF Studio Slideshow Demo page to see what transition effects are file size optimized.

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