How to crop GIF animations – GIF Studio

Use GIF Studio to crop GIF animations to maintain image quality. The user can select the image area of interest and at the same time cut a portion of the video from its timeline. It’s the best ways to reduce the size of GIFs in GIF Studio.

Crop GIF animations – Demo

In this demo, we cut the animation both from the image and its timeline. The original GIF contains 4 frames,  1200×800 pixels each. The file size is 3Mb. The generated GIF has 2 frames, the image size is 600×800 pixels. The resulting file size is only 500Kb.

crop GIF animations, demo GIF

Crop a GIF animation, demo GIF

Crop GIF Icon

GIF Studio “Crop” feature icon. Click to enter the crop GIF animations screen

Info Panel

GIF Studio provides the following information when cropping GIF animations. Image pixels are used to mark the dimension which is consistent with the generated GIF.

Width: the width of the output GIF in pixels.

Height: the height of the output GIF in pixels.

X: the cropping handler’s x-axis position in pixels.

Y: the cropping handler’s y-axis position in pixels

Start: the start frame index of the animation timeline. Zero-based numbering: the initial frame of the sequence is assigned the index “0”

Stop:the stop frame index.

Cutting area aspect ratio selection

Cropping aspect ratio unlockedClick this icon to unlock the aspect ratio of the cropping area. User can adjust the width and/or the height of the cropping area.
Aspect ratio 1:1Cut a square image. User can only adjust and area size and position. The area aspect ratio is fixed to 1:1.
Aspect ratio 4:3Fix the cropping aspect ratio to 4:3
Aspect ratio 3:4Set the cropping aspect ratio to 3:4
aspect ratio 9:16Set the cutting aspect ratio to 9:16
aspect ratio 9:16Trim the GIF to circle with transparency background
aspect ratio 9:16Trim the GIF to diamond shape with transparency background

Trim the Time Line

Use the Range Selection to cut a portion of the video from its timeline. The selected portion is marked by the start and stop frame indexes.

Online Help

help iconClick to open this online help page

Save GIF

icon save current gif actionPress to save current configuration to file
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